Impressionistic Landscape Painting,Street Scene,Cathedral,Tudela,Navarra,Spain,Acrylic on canvas
Tudela, Spain, #1
Acrylic on canvas, Framed
11" x 16"

While walking through the Gothic quarter in Tudela, it was amazing, after taking a tight turn on a street corner, to see this cathedral dome looming out and over the densely packed houses and shops. This was as much of a full view of the cathedral as you could get, top to bottom. Here was the draw and pull to my approach for this painting. Also, the color scheme was a Godsend, a divine intervention maybe. This color combination opened a huge door for a series of Spanish street scenes. I knew, my previous hot, orange palette couldn't sustain all of my views of Spain. I just didn't know purples were the answer. Also, the application of the paint to canvas was reminiscent of my watercolor painting years ago. This technique helped to keep the image loose and to aide in the melting together of spaces. Melting, heat = me, in Spain, in the summer!