Pop inspired, unprecidented, abstract, classical meets abstract, color blast, Fluorescents
acrylic and fluorescents on canvas
30 x 24"

Anthem is a semi abstract painting, referencing classical torsos, the same torsos referenced in "Lily" and "Stay the Course". The center area is composed of two top and bottom panels. These two center panels are the same image, mirrored/flipped and painted with opposing warm and cool color schemes. These panels reference a photo of an abandoned meter in a vacant lot where all of the gauges and dials were found crushed, beaten and disfigured.
My intent was to reflect the state of chaos we all witnessed, coming from all directions during the summer of 2020, regarding the political chaos, protests, the pandemic at large and the environmental concerns regarding climate change.
Anthem is meant to conjure a state of polarities, chaos and perhaps collapse. Classical figures juxtaposing dysfunctional gauges setting the course to ?
Framed in a soft gold floater, approximately 1 inch deep.